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In The After - A Cristina/Owen Fan Community
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1st-Jul-2014 12:23 am - Happy Canada Day!
Canadian flag
Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians, including the awesome Sandra Oh!

Sandra Oh
GA Take Care Now Cristina
Title: "Time After Time"
Author: lovemesomeowen and angelamermaid with voiceovers by shli1117
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Characters from the show are not of our creation and belong to Shonda and ABC. No monetary compensations were gained from this fictitious work.
Authors' notes: We're back! Once again, we clean up after Shonda's messes. Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

Time After TimeCollapse )
16th-May-2014 05:46 pm - Sandra Explains All
GA Take Care Now Cristina
The Hollywood Reporter has a very nice interview with Sandra about her exit. Highlights include she expresses Crowen love and explains a lot of the symbolism in the final Crowen scene.

16th-May-2014 05:42 pm - So what happens now?
GA Take Care Now Cristina
This community was set up as a Cristina/Owen fan community, and now that relationship is definitely over with Sandra Oh having left Grey's Anatomy, and Kevin McKidd staying.

I will leave this community open! Both to continue to share updates on Sandra and Kevin, to follow Owen, to share future fanfiction, and to preserve everything that has already been shared. I've made many friends here, here is where I took my first steps into fanfiction, I see no reason to close the group.

I hope for Kevin and Owen's sake that Owen doesn't just stand around being Chiefly in future seasons. If Owen does have a future love interest, that will not change In the After - that doesn't have a place here, any more than Owen/Emma or Owen/She Who Shall Not Be Named And Can Just Stay in Germany. So when it comes to the show, let's continue to celebrate Owen, but I won't change the purpose of the community if Owen gets a new lover. Who could never be as perfect for him as Cristina, but I don't want McBadAss to be a monk either.
16th-May-2014 12:31 am - More greatest tweets ever
GA Take Care Now Cristina
I know I posted this earlier, but it's too fabulous not to repost. Sandra Oh started off the evening with this:

During the Pacific Coast feed, Sandra Oh couldn't stop tweeting about Kevin and Owen.

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15th-May-2014 01:49 pm - 10-24 episode discussion
GA Take Care Now Cristina
“Fear (of the Unknown)” – In the Season 10 finale, the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital bid an emotional farewell to the beloved Cristina Yang. A possible act of terrorism rocks Seattle and causes chaos at the hospital. Meanwhile, Meredith makes a life changing decision and one doctor receives shocking news, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, MAY 15 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Fear (of the Unknown)” was written by Austin Guzman and directed by Bill D’Elia.

Sandra Oh's final episode as Cristina Yang. Group hug, everyone!
GA Cristina morning after

With Derek away, Meredith spends time with Amelia and finds out her true feelings about her time in Seattle. Bailey deals with the ramifications of her actions and Callie receives devastating news. Meanwhile, the residents panic after hearing that one of them will be fired.

Sandra Oh's second-to-last episode. :-(
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